Vineyard Worship

Pastor David Hansen shares about Vineyard worship at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Modesto.  Worship is characterized by the Greek word proskuneo which means to come before and bow down in reverence.  The goal is coming into a place where people adore Jesus, but that is not all.  We need to see ourselves as part of the whole, its not just us as individuals, but something we also do together.  Both individual worship and worship as a group are key in our relationship with Jesus. Worship incorporates an element of praise with the goal of people becoming personal in their worship.  The goal is to really know Him in a deep and personal way. While Vineyard Worship has become popular with many individuals and churches, we seek to make worship both personal and corporate at our local church in Modesto.

Here’s what characterizes Vineyard worship:

Simplicity:  The songs we sing at our gatherings are easy to learn.
Intimacy:  The focus of our worship is an intimate relationship with Jesus.
Healing:  Often people are healed or experience God’s gentle voice during our worship times.

We hope you can join us in experiencing the love and presence of God in one of our gatherings.