Theology and the Practice of the Kingdom of God

Phil Strout National Director of Vineyard USA talks about: The Theology and Practice of the Kingdom of God.

The Theology and Practice of the Kingdom of God is a core value of Vineyard.

It is the realty that Jesus, in His coming, inaugurated the Kingdom of God on earth and in His second coming, He will consummate the Kingdom of God.  Everything from the Vineyard flows from this belief that God has intervened and kept His promise.  A great way to talk about the Kingdom of God is with the simple phrase, “God has kept His promise.”  What God said He would do on behalf of the human race (Genesis 3:15), He has done by sending Jesus. As Gordon Fee says, “Jesus drives a flag onto the earth and says this belongs to me!”  Wrapping that all up will occur at the second coming of Christ.

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What does this mean as God expresses Himself through us as a local church in Modesto?

  1. God is active not passive.   God empowers His followers to do the things that Jesus did.  He wants to heal, deliver , comfort, and redeem the needy world we live in.   Not only is God not passive….
  2. God cares deeply for people and expresses His compassion for them through His Church.  God not only feels for people, He feels their pain.  Jesus actually lived in this world, knows our pains, and was tempted in all the ways we have been, are, and will be tempted.
  3. Joy awaits believers who chose to allow God’s Kingdom to flow through us to His creation.  There is joy in serving.
  4. Water Flosser — Bring you a charming smile with healthier teeth.

The world we live in is full of needs, but God intervenes.  He uses believers to extend His grace to the broken around us.  Let’s partner with Jesus and His ministry. If you want to hear more about this consider visiting one of our meetings.