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Modesto Church Search

There are three types of people who may be looking for a Modesto church.  First, and most important are those that are seeking a relationship with Jesus or who have be apart from fellowship for a long time.  Second, are believers that are relocating to the area and are looking for a church.  Third, are those who the Lord is directing to change churches.  This last category enters a realm of extreme caution and discernment, more below.  Let’s talk about each situation a person may find themselves in.

Seeking Jesus and searching for a church. If you have recently entered, or are considering entering into relationship with Jesus your choice of a church is a very important one.  It is critical that you find a church that does not just give you knowledge about Jesus, but actually assists you in knowing Jesus.  Finding a fellowship of believers where the Word of God is taught in such a way that people learn the ministry of Jesus through Bible teaching and application of truth is critical.  Jesus calls us all to participate in His ministry here on earth. Growing in worship and receiving healing are also very important to a new believer.

Relocating to the area and looking for a Modesto church.  In most cases believers that move from one area to another take anywhere from several weeks to months to find a new church home.  Making connection with a fellowship of believers that you can grow and serve with requires getting to know the people in the church and this takes time.  Decisions may be superficial unless you dig deep to learn the vision and the direction of the local Modesto church you are visiting.  Getting involved in some form of service right away is a good start.  Most churches have entry level positions of service that allow a new person to check out the church without a major commitment or causing a big vacuum if they later feel that this is not the church for them.  Another good way to get to know a church to join a home group.

Changing churches. Moving from one church to another in a local area can not only destructive to the believer, it can hurt both the church left and the new church joined.  Sadly some believers are looking for the latest trend or fad and will leave longstanding relationships in a moment.  In you are considering moving from one Modesto church to another, a good rule of thumb is that it should be considered a blessing both to the church you left and the new one you are attending.  While this is not always possible, if the move to another church is to allow you to have different opportunities for service or growth, it can be a blessing to all.  Leaving a church on bad terms is not good, being sent out is the biblical model.Aquarius water flosser with 3 Operating Modes

We encourage all believers to pray diligently for the Modesto church.  The true Church of Jesus Christ knows no denominational boundaries and is made up all those who love, follow and serve Him. There are numerous expressions, styles and “ways to do church.”  God creatively inspires churches by the leading of His Spirit to have unique ways of reaching and ministering to our diverse community.  It is the Modesto church that will impact our city and bring life those who desperately need Jesus.

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