Knowing Jesus

Vineyard Christian Fellowship, a church in Modesto focused on knowing Jesus. 

Pastor David Hansen shares about being a church in Modesto who follows Jesus based on knowing that He is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

What it means to follow Jesus:

  • It’s not just information that Jesus is The Way, it goes much deeper.
  • It is being a people that in depth of our being both in knowledge in our life experience know Him.
  • Experiencing the Way, The Truth and the Life living in us.

It is compelling, because if we live this way, people will see Jesus living through us and want to know the Jesus that we know. This is the real ministry of Jesus.  We live our lives in such a way, that in knowing Jesus, we really know Him and other people will want to know Him too.

If you are looking for a local church in Modesto that makes knowing Jesus a priority, we would love to meet you and perhaps join together on our journey of discovering all that He has for us.  We make Jesus a priority in both our Sunday meetings and home groups.  If you are considering following Jesus, you don’t have to do so alone.